cropped-21.jpgTeachingcambodia.com is a site dedicated to improving education in Cambodia. The website features a jobs board, a directory of schools, and blogs that cover educational toys, parenting, job hunting, and how to teach in a cross-cultural environment.



Register with teachingcambodia for the best leads on teaching jobs in Cambodia. The site also features blogs, lesson plans, and other resources for teachers of English as a second language in Cambodia. Many of the blogs are written to help job seekers, new teachers, and those who have not taught English in Cambodia before.2


teachingcambodia_logoIn order for children to be ready for a more complex life and work environment a classroom and home environment should stimulate all five selves of child development: cognitive, emotional, social, creativity, and physical. All five selves of a child should be enhanced through a play-based environment. Children engaged in play learn how to understand themselves and how to control and express their emotional state. We have designed this resource page for teachers and parents to provide support through play, teamwork, and multicultural learning.Creating a nurturing atmosphere within the classroom or at home creates an excellent foundation for growing and learning together.2

Play-Based Curriculums

The Creative Curriculum developmentally appropriate for early childhood and kindergarten classrooms. This curriculum provides teaching strategies, which help teachers be effective, while still recognizing children’s creativity. This creative approach not only makes learning exciting, but also supports active learning, and promotes all developmental areas.

The Emergent Curriculum is developmentally appropriate for all elementary grades. This curriculum is an approach that allows learning activities to develop through a child’s interests, actions or events. Children create and establish their own curriculum all the time, they are active learners, and learn through play.